Fifty Greatest Misses

50 of my songs and stories written during and about my 50+ years living, so far...

Disclaimer... The artist (me) wishes to excuse some of the following... the crackle, cackle, buzz and pop, lazy lyrics and piquant pitching, bitching, scandal and slander. Any similarity to anyone alive or dead is occasionally unintentional.

29. Golden Arches

29. Golden Arches
S.Rhatigan ©

As my 6 year old said the other day ‘I hate life, things just happen’.  Before you call social services this was in response to the realisation that his longed for new denim jacket was too small!  It was hard to hear though as this last week my family had an unimaginable and devastating blow.

My lovely brother in law fell from a considerable height while on holiday and is now in a very bad way.  I’m not going to go into the details because I am heartbroken and it isn’t really my story to tell.  It’s easy to feel right now that life and ‘the way things just happen’ really sucks but when someone you love is desperately clinging on to it you realise just how precious life is.

So I’m sending this tune out to Cathy and Tossie and their family not so much because the sentiment fits the circumstances but because it is a tune I know my sister really likes and that’s all. X

Suzanne Rhatigan Vocals, Wurlitzer
John Morrison Bass
Bryn Burrows Drums



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