Voice Over

Since lockdown Suzanne has been providing recording services remotely building a catalogue of voice over work.  Some projects involve copy writing services as well as performance, post production and syncing.


Suzanne Rhatigan Voice Over Show Reel Audio MP3


Suzanne Rhatigan Voice Over Show Reel Video

“Having spent most of my career as a recording artist and session singer my world seldom crossed over into recording speech. My 1st attempt at a voice over session was a number of years ago on a Loreal advert produced by Malcolm Mc Claren. The session, like most, came my way out of the blue and at short notice.  The engineer had worked with me as a session singer and he suggested Malcolm try me, I think he had torn through a number of other VO artists that day already.  I made my way to the studio in West London with some apprehension having done little or no VO work previously and I knew McClaren would be a difficult character by reputation.  

The job was to over dub a super model on one of the legendary ‘because your worth it’ ads. I think it was Linda Evangelista.  McClaren was brusque and unfriendly which of course didn’t help.  I was dispatched to the mic and I proceeded to sync my best dusky mid atlantic tones to Linda’s impossibly beautiful mouth. I thought I sounded pretty good.  Malcolm didn’t share my opinion. No he barked after my 1st try, “no, again” after my 2nd, “again, again, again”.  There was no direction forthcoming so I tried lifting the pitch, lowering the pitch, softer, with a bit more edge etc etc.  Nothing was right.  Eventually he leaned menacingly into the talkback mic and in leui of good bye and thanks said, “Forget it, there’s just too much facking Paddy”.  My engineer friend came out to the studio with £50 quid for my trouble and I headed home.

Needless to say I figured I should stick to singing after that until recently when a company in Germany, ‘Tempris’ asked me to voice their technical explainer videos in English.  They were delighted with the result as was I, considering the text was full of technical specification and was quite challenging.  I recorded the VO in my own studio, which also involved some work on the copy and syncing to the video requiring a bit of up- skilling on my part, which was also very rewarding.

Now my confidence has increased and some momentum has built and more work has come through, so I am delighted to have a new VO audio and video show reel to promote.