Recording Studio

Technology can do many things but it can’t create a great live performance!

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“When I signed my 1st Publishing deal with Peer Music in London in the early 90’s, my publisher Stuart Ongley gave me an advance with which to build my own home studio. I headed off to Turnkey on Tottenham Court Rd and a young guy, Jamie, kitted me out with a Fostex R8, a Studiomaster 16 track desk an AKG 535 a micro limiter a Quadraverb an M1 and an afternoon with him to teach me all I needed to know!

I recorded a few records for myself and others in that studio and I learned a lot along the way – most importantly – no matter how fancy your equipment – it’s about capturing the performance, one way or another.


Cushy Studio Spec

The Room

Cushy is open plan and has a very relaxed and comfortable feel. There is plenty of natural light. The acoustic is very balanced avoiding the dead space atmosphere found in other studios.

The studio is in a detached building and has its own entrance. It opens to a lovely garden space.  It is fully centrally heated and has a shower room, so can accommodate short stay residential clients.

Cushy Studio


Midas M32  Digital desk and audio interface

RME fireface audio interface

KRK Rocket 6 Monitors

Tannoy E11 passive Speakers

Mac OS

Cubase 10 Pro Audio Software full range of VST Instruments and effects

Denon Class A amplifier

ARC Studio headphone distribution amp

Range of Sennheiser and other headphones.

DBX Compressor Limiter

Alesis QuadraVerb Multi effects processor


Akg 535


Sm58 Beta

Rode NT 4 Stereo Microphone

Akg D112

Akg 1000s

Octava MK 105

Radial DI Boxes


Wurlitzer Vintage Electric Piano

Duplex Vintage Drum kit Cymbals by Zildjian, Paiste and Sabian

Casio CZ101 Vintage Synthesizer

Korg M1 Keyboard

Fender Esquire

Martin acoustic guitar

Hohner semi solid  electric guitar

Fender Stratocaster guitar

Fender Vibroverb Amp