Fifty Greatest Misses

50 of my songs and stories written during and about my 50+ years living, so far...

Disclaimer... The artist (me) wishes to excuse some of the following... the crackle, cackle, buzz and pop, lazy lyrics and piquant pitching, bitching, scandal and slander. Any similarity to anyone alive or dead is occasionally unintentional.

18. Spinner Of Years

18. Spinner Of Years

S Rhatigan/ C Charles © 1993

Well it’s all over.  No need to ask if you’re all set – or how much your turkey weighs?CD-card-back-after_300x300pxl

What will the new year and beyond bring for me, for you?

I have 2 healthy children, a partner and family whom I love and who love me. I have my health, a warm safe home, great friends, and the good fortune to make music.

I’m one of the luckiest people I know.

All the best in 2014.  Live, dream.


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