23. I’d Do The Same For You


23. I’d Do The Same For You
S.Rhatigan/J.F Morrison © 1998

Truth tellers don’t get party invites!  No doubt about it it’s hard to be honest and often unwise.  Fact is we don’t want the truth even though we might say we do, we don’t really want to know if our bums look big in this, or if our best culinary efforts are inedible.  In the music business you seldom have to contend with the truth, if it’s not good truth that is.  You seldom get feedback if your music doesn’t hit the right note, ironically what you usually get is silence.


I’ve been facing into this reality again recently while trying to get my new music out there and it struck me how the silences and the negative feedback that occasionally does filter through is what burns in the memory.  Why can’t I remember with the same clarity the wonderful positive responses I’ve had over the years.  Why can’t I recall where I was when I got the news that I was to sign my 1st record deal yet I can remember vividly the moment, the place, the weather even, the day I was dropped?

When my own opinion is solicited, I’ve a hard time not being truthful.  Even when I do succeed in keeping my mouth shut and saying nothing, my body language, or a look in my eyes gives my true feelings away and someone gets hurt or disappointed and I’m off the party list. I would never want to be intentionally unkind and whenever I am in a situation where I can’t avoid expressing an opinion about a gig or an outfit or whatever that I don’t particularly like, I will always try to find something positive to say. Unfortunately that isn’t always possible and to cover myself I will often try to say something funny by way of distraction which is 99 times out of 100 a complete disaster.

So what am I saying, would I rather be told an unpalatable truth, or be left wondering?  Despite the discomfort of the former I’m quite sure that’s what I would prefer. Thankfully I have enough truth tellers both positive and negative in my life to redress the balance either way.  So whether others like what I do, or say, or not, I just have to get on with it. Wtf, I never was into parties anyway!

Suzanne Rhatigan Vocals, Guitar…

John Morrison Bass…

Paul Murphy Drums…

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