01. Radio Friendly – 02. Old Friend


01. Radio Friendly
S.Rhatigan/J.F Morrison © 1997


Where to start? This has been an issue for me for ever, it seems. Which song to open a live set, an album, a demo. The nagging worry that if the 1st song doesn’t grab the attention straight away, within the the 1st 30 seconds, some would argue even less 20..15…10 it’s doomed. I’ve witnessed demos and albums being chucked away based on the 1st 4 bars! So for me it’s quite a challenge to decide which song should be the 1st of the 50….

Well I should say it was briefly a challenge till I remembered that song 1 is only 1st till 2, 3, 4 etc are uploaded consequently some/most visitors may tune in for the 1st time at song 8 or 22 or 41 so it really doesn’t matter one jot which one comes 1st.

Saying that I’m happy I decided on Radio Friendly and Old Friend to ease the unsuspecting listener in to this musical melange.  Not only is it 2 for the price of 1 but it provides a link between the roots and rock blend on my debut album To Hell With Love and the feedback and mayhem of the Late Developer album with something a bit more chilled out and in keeping with material I’m working on these days.

DollyThe songs were recorded live on 8 track at Cushy in one take so they have been paired together ever since like pigeons! They also feature my good friend and song writing partner John Morrison on bass, of course, and his Hefner band mates Antony Harding (Ant) on drums with Jack Hayter playing lap steel on Old Friend. Our drummer Bryn Burrows had recently left Rhatigan following a bizarre toast throwing incident and we briefly toyed with a name change to ‘Dolly’, so named after the 1st cloned sheep born around that time, hence the lovely sheep illustration by Ant. The lineup and name lasted about a month. Following Dolly’s debut and demise at the 12 Bar we hooked up with drummer Paul Murphy, re-re-named ourselves Rhatigan and that was that!

Radio Friendly was directly inspired by the collapse of a deal we were close to making at that time (97ish) with a company managing an apparently well known band, Radio.. something?  Anyway they said as a parting shot and I’m paraphrasing now… ‘the tunes are great but then it goes all strange in the middle and ‘radio’ wouldn’t know what to do with it etc etc’

On the other hand, Old Friend is a bit deeper, it’s about meeting someone you haven’t seen for ages…

Enjoy, I hope!


Suzanne Vocals, guitar, Harmonica Wurlitzer…
John Morrison Bass…
Antony Harding Drums…
Jack Hayter Lap Steel…

16 thoughts on “01. Radio Friendly – 02. Old Friend

  1. I loved ‘Radio Friendly’ it’s great to hear these songs, never heard them before. Keep up the good work Suzanne. Cathy X p.s. old friend…..lovely.

  2. Laidback for a first choice which is not a bad thing-yes like To Hell With Love. That album is what drew me too you in the first place. But what kept me coming back was the versatility and orginality of the next two. I know the tempo’s gonna pick up ’cause I respect your range. Being stateside I don’t get to see you live so cheers, here’s to hearing some new stuff! Much Appreciated!

  3. Suzanne! Lovely to hear these again! Fond memories of that session and of the 12 Bar gig we did which I still have on video! My ears can’t wait to hear the other 48!

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